Priscilla Elisa Diaz Urzua is a freelance artist living in Toronto, Canada. Priscilla developed a passion for writing at the early age of 11, this passion becoming an outlet "where pen and paper is all that ever feels, where I let out how I truly feel without any fear". Often she found herself recording life experiences, words becoming therapeutic. Late 2009 words escaped her, after experiencing some of life's challenges she had hit a bottom she was struggling to thread trough. 

She decided to paint; not knowing where to begin she began, picked up a canvas and paint. Her first was The Gift of Life. started with a simple thought, her emotions now visions. "Creativity, a need much like the air I breathe" is how she describes her passion for painting. 

in 2014 after suffering a loss, painting became a means to overcome. Challenging herself in her creativity, learning new techniques such as watercolour. A medium she finds challenging as water wants to flow and she would prefer to remain in control. A process she is learning balance from and applying to her acrylic paintings and life. 

Elisa feels, experiences and tells a story through her paintings. Her first solo exhibit "Faceless" named after the character often depicted in her work, a tribute to the ones who endure/overcome struggles and often remain unknown.  Followed by "Faceless, the Process of Evolution" a vow to continue the journey of spiritual growth. Priscilla would like to provoke your imagination and for you to feel life's beauty through all the pain and joy. 

The Gift of Life 

Toronto, Canada

© Priscilla Elisa Diaz Urzua