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Priscilla Elisa Diaz Urzua is a self - taught artist living in Toronto, Late 2009 Priscilla was struggling to thread through some of life challenges and in order to cope  she decided to paint. Not knowing where to begin she picked up a canvas and painted. Her emotions now visions.


 In 2015 Priscilla discovered fluorescent paint and began to incorporate this element to her works. Often asked about the meaning behind the checkers incorporated in the majority of her paintings, Priscilla expresses that checkers is a representation of  the space in which we are existing, and the vibrant colours is the substance of which we are. 

Elisa feels, experiences and tells a story through her paintings. Her first solo exhibit in 2016,  "Faceless" named after the character often depicted in her work, a tribute to the ones who endure/overcome struggles and often remain unknown.  Followed by "Faceless, the Process of Evolution" a vow to continue the journey of spiritual growth. To Love and Life,  on May 11, 2019, where all her pieces for this event were created with fluorescent paint, her first exhibit held in the dark. This event solidified painting with fluorescent paint as she feels this element is a reflection of life, “ There is so much light in life that we often fail to see, but  can only feel through our presence.” 


Priscilla would like to provoke your imagination and for you to feel life's beauty through all the pain and joy. She would like for you to open one of the many doorways in her pieces and reflect on the feelings they invoke. Whether you label them “good or bad”, emotions must be felt, explored, and communicated in order to understand our growth.

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